Zip Line

Zip Line

    • Setup Area: 200L x 20W x 26H

    • $1,750.00
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THE BEST CHOICE FOR ANY ZIP LINE RENTAL. Don’t be fooled by the imposturous inflatable zip lines. Our Zip Line has the patent-pending Auto Retracting system that smoothly slows only the last 10% of the ride using a brake line to gently absorb the energy of the zip line rider. This zip line brake stopping motion differs from other systems that rely on impact brakes that produce a severe whiplash motion. What does this mean? It means you zip a full 100 feet! Easier is better and safer especially when it comes to setup and operations. Our zip line can realistically be setup by 2 operators in less than 30 minutes. On the operations side our zip line is the only model that both automatically brakes the rider and automatically retracts the trolley to the top for the next rider. Simplicity is one of the big reasons that our portable zip line is the choice of top industry veterans. Comes with fencing.


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